Language: ENGLISH
Castle Siege (Siege Started)

Game Rules :

Following the rules is essential for you while playing in our server. 

Not following those rules will result in losing our support at needed times.

1.Personal and account information.

-You should not share personal / account information with other people.

-You cannot sell your account for real money, accounts in other servers and etc.

-The ColdMu Staff will never ask you for your personal / account data.

-The ColdMu Staff is not responsible for stolen personal / account data.

2.Cheats, patches, programs, bugs.

-Using 3rd party programs, game modifications and etc. for in-game advantage will result in account ban.

-Using skins isn?t punishable but any lost items due to use of skins will not be returned.

3.Trading process.

-Selling items, accounts or anything else from other MU Online servers is forbidden.

-Selling real-life products in the game is forbidden.

-While trading items you can call a Game Master to observe the trading process ( anti-scam precaution ).

-ColdMu Staff is not responsible for stolen items due to players negligence.


-Advertising other MU Online servers will result in permanent account ban.

-Advertising other sites, forums, blogs, games will result in permanent account ban.

-Advertising real-life products will result in permanent account ban.

5.In-game behavior.

-Swearing at players is forbidden.

-PK is completely allow on Stadium 2 (PvP Map), other maps as Lorencia , Stadium Devias is forbidden PK ( killing other players )

-You cannot make character names close to Game Master names.

-The so called ?spamming on /post? is not allowed.

-Trying to scam other players will lead to permanent account ban.

-Threatening a person with ban is forbidden.

6.Staff reference.

-Asking the ColdMu Staff for items, credits, leveling, zen, adding points, place in the Staff list,

access to Staff only pages is completely forbidden and might result to ban determinate by each Staff member individually.

-Asking questions is only done through mail, from the Friend list window.

-Continuous spamming to the Staff members may result in account ban.

-Offending the ColdMu Staff will result in account ban.

-Using hacks , 3rdprograms help you in game result in character banned / account banned depends on programs /hacks used.